Top Brisbane Mitsubishi Models

Are you a resident of Brisbane City? Maybe all you need is a Brisbane Mitsubishi vehicle to transform your transport needs. Brisbane Mitsubishi cars come in a wide variety to cover all your road and transportation needs. For instance, you will get off-road cars as well as low kilometer city cars at your disposal. brisbane mitsubishi automobiles are also easily available since the insurance and finance process involved in acquiring the vehicles is smooth all the way. Also, you will not find trouble servicing the vehicle because you can get the best servicing at a Mitsubishi service center in the city, irrespective of your car’s make or model. Here are a few models that a great number of Brisbane residents find appealing.

New Mitsubishi ASX

The compact and stylish Mitsubishi ASX combines the practicalities of a small car with the advantages of a middle-size SUV. The ASX features a spacious interior that enables you to carry comfortably your luggage with you as go on with your busy life. It is also fitted with the latest safety and comfort technology so you and your friends or family can enjoy a quiet ride across the country. In addition, the fuel efficiency is exceptional, and you also enjoy surprising features such as LED Daytime Running Lamps and a panoramic glass roof on the XLS model. Clearly, ASX is your ultimate urban companion.

New Mitsubishi Mirage

Do not be fooled by the small and simple looking design of the Mirage. In fact, this car is loaded with features that will transform your city driving experience. First, Mirage beats perceptions of small cars by featuring an ample seating space that can comfortably accommodate five adults. Furthermore, if you happen to have a lot of luggage, you can fold down the back seat completely to create more space in the boot. It also features a keyless system where you can start your car with a simple touch.

You can control your car using the keyless system within a 70cm radius. You can lock or unlock doors or even start the engine with the Smart Key still in your pocket. Other important features include:

•    Bluetooth and iPod connectivity
•    Rain-sensing wipers
•    Dusk sensing headlamps
•    Alloy wheels

New Mitsubishi Outlander

The new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is powered by a hybrid system consisting of a highly efficient 2.0L MIVEC petrol engine, high output 60kW pair of front and rear motors and a 12kWh drive battery. Combined, the whole hybrid system produces exceptional fuel saving capabilities with the fuel economy reaching up to 1.9L/100km. Given the fact that there is no loss of power or range, the fuel saving is impressive, let alone for an SUV. Apart from the eco-friendly features, the Outlander is laden with other exciting features such as the fully automatic climate control, luxurious interior, Smart Key operation and one-touch start and the Mitsubishi multi-communication system. Combining environmental protection with exceptional comfort, the Mitsubishi Outlander is the perfect city car.

So if you happen to be in Brisbane and are looking for the best urban cars, you know where to begin your search.

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Benefits of car dealership companies

Getting the right car for your unique needs is not often a walk in the park. Raising enough resources to facilitate the purchase is a huge step towards the acquisition; however, this is not all about it. Not all the vehicles in the store suit what you need a vehicle for. You may even go through the entire store but fail to meet the vehicle that matches your preferences. As you navigate through the new Kia cars that you intend to purchase, extra care should be taken to help you get the best car available.

Car dealers often play a vital role in helping you get an amazing vehicle. It is therefore important to choose your dealers right as this raises the chances of getting the right vehicle. There are basically two kinds of dealers; the individual dealers and the dealership companies. In as much as both have their pros and cons, dealership companies tend to have more advantages. Some of the benefits of dealership companies include:

Variety: When you are getting a car, you should be able to access a wide variety of new Kia cars. This tends to give you the opportunity of viewing each car and determine their unique features. You are therefore at the best position of choosing the vehicle that suits your preferences. With a well-established dealership company, you are able to access a wide range of vehicles for viewing. When you ultimately decide on buying the Kia Sportage Brisbane has to offer, it would be after you have seen that it is the right one.

Experience: To get the best new Kia Rio Brisbane has, the experience of the car dealer plays a rather important role. With high levels of experience in the industry, the dealer knows how to assess the vehicle before having them in their stock. Most dealership companies that are well-established have been at it for long and are definitely properly experienced. They are also most likely made up of a team of experienced technicians who have all it takes to help you get an amazing vehicle whose performance will never falter.

Spare parts: Before you actually decide on purchasing a vehicle, you should first ensure that the spare parts can be acquired easily. Whenever the vehicle runs into a mechanical problem and a part of it needs to be replaced, it should be easy to get the spare parts. Most dealership companies are always stocked with spare parts of the vehicles they deal in. In any case you need a spare part; you can readily acquire it from the dealer without much hassle.

Reliability: The reliability and trustworthiness of a dealer is critical in vehicular purchase. You should ensure that the Kia dealers Brisbane is offering you are reliable and reputable. This raises the possibility of acquiring an amazing vehicle. Most dealership companies have built good reputations and you can be sure that you can always get a good car from them.

These are among the several benefits of car dealership companies. You can therefore rest assured that you will get amazing new Kia cars from reputable dealership companies. For more information visit at

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The all new 308 5 door Peugeot- A Fuel efficient Ute

Peugeot is a big European brand which is ruling the automotive industry for a long time. Its one of the latest flagships is the All-New 308 5 door peugeot, which is fully loaded with exciting features. This family hatchback is not just great in looks but also a good to drive Ute. With the fast improving services from agencies having authorized Peugeot dealership, and the excellent fuel economy, this car is ready to give a tough competition to all other cars of the same mid size segment.

Ø  Performance and drive:

The All-New 308 5 door peugeot is a fun to drive Ute. The manufacturers have focused more on offering utmost comfort to the buyer. The soft suspension allows your body to gently lean towards the corners. The car steering is highly responsive and quite precise. It is undoubtedly a mind-blowing Ute for all those who are willing to purchase a sport coupe with a masculine look. It strikes a fine balance between handling and comfort.

Ø  Engine specifications:

With an efficient turbocharged three cylinder petrol engine of 1.2 litres, the All-New 308 5 door peugeot is a great option for every family.  The refined upgraded engine is more smooth and quiet.  It is teamed up with a 6 speed manual transmission that offers great performance.  This car is better in terms of fuel economy. The CO2 emission is also less. On the whole, Peugeot comes with sharper dynamics to thrill the road.

Ø  Interiors:

This car is equally impressive in terms of the interior too. The cluster free dashboard appears clean and organized. Most of the systems are controlled using the touch screen which is easily accessible by the driver. Although this car is not as spacious as the grand Peugeot 5008 7 seat wagon, but still it can easily accommodate 5 adults. The legroom and headroom are quite decent. The seats are large and covered with premium quality leather. The dials are placed high on the dash. The steering and the driving seats are provided with multiple adjustments using which the driver can get the most comfortable position. The boot is quite roomy in which one can easily place their luggage.

Ø  Exteriors:

The exclusive Peugeot product is undoubtedly the best looking car of its class. With beautiful narrow grille and slim, sharp lights, this vehicle is a classy choice for all the buyers.  308 Peugeot is featured with a bulging wheel arch, small rear light cluster and slim rear screen, which is absolutely mind-blowing. It appears much similar to the Peugeot 208 5 door in terms of exterior morphology. Numerous trim options are available that will come up with more ravishing features such as panoramic roof, 18 inch alloy wheels and keyless entry, etc.

Ø  Safety and reliability:

Peugeot never compromises on the safety of their lovely customers. This car has got the five star rating in the Euro NCAP as all its versions are supported with 6 air bags, hill start assist and stability control. High technology devices such as forward collision alert and blind-spot monitoring are used for providing high level safety to the passengers travelling in this Ute. Get in touch along with them at

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Looking For the Best Car Stereo Systems in Marietta? Things to Look For When Shopping

Having a car stereo system is a great way of enhancing your driving experience. There are many people in Marietta, Georgia who would rather put sophisticated and costly audio systems in their cars than in their homes. Well, it is a worthwhile investment especially if you spend a lot of time driving around. When you hear of a “car stereo system”, you’ll most likely think about the receiver. Also known as the deck or the head unit, the receiver is the heart and the brain of the audio system. It is also the part of the systems you directly interact with. But there is more to a car stereo system than just the receiver. There other features you need to consider if you are looking for the very best car stereo systems Marietta can offer.

best car stereo systems Marietta

best car stereo systems Marietta

Audio sources

Which audio system do you prefer or mostly use? Are you technology oriented and have already shifted to digital media? Or are you more reserved and still prefer a CD player? Your answer will determine the kind of audio source you choose. You may choose a mechless receiver which is without a drive, an A/V receiver with a colored screen or a CD receiver with a disc slot. Even if you have CD album containing all your favorite music, once awhile you’ll want to plug in your phone or media player for a change. Therefore, make sure that your receiver contains USB port at the very least.

Local and satellite radio

Essentially, car audio systems will feature an AM/FM radio that tune to local stations. But the best stereo systems for cars in Atlanta have the option of improving these features. For instance, a receiver with an in-built HD radio decoding can enhance the quality of the local radio stations through the digital format. Besides that, you’ll have access to digital subprograms for radio stations that support multicasting.

The best car stereo systems Marietta stores provide have satellite radio. You might want to consider such systems if you travel long distances. This is because satellite radio allows you to tune to your favorite local radio stations anywhere in the country. If you are a sports fan you will also benefit from a variety of sport stations which are on a subscription based service.

GPS and navigation

Good stereo systems are more than just music players – they contain some of the best car GPS Marietta GA can ever provide. They can help you with a turn-by-turn navigation of where you are going to. Traffic reporting, which is extremely important when driving around the city, can be heard through the HD Radio tuner.  The reason you need to look for the best car stereo navigation Marietta system is because of the convenience. You can easily operate the in-built system when driving unlike Smartphone navigation systems.

Physical dimensions and controls

You need to consider the interface and dimensions of the receiver. Some systems are small, thus less visible to outside viewers and thieves. Others are large and fill a significant portion of the dashboard but often feature more properties including app mirroring above, GPS navigation and DVD playback. The best car stereo systems Marietta, GA options have user-friendly interface.

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LPG: A Better Option For Vehicles

The primary reason to convert their vehicle to LPG is simple and can be summarised in two words: Economic and Environmental.  LPG is cheaper than petrol and is cleaner and eco-friendly.  The number of service centres providing LPG conversions Shepparton offers is huge. However, two things must be considered when searching for providers – the mechanics of the service centres are experienced and the service centre is licensed.

lpg conversions shepparton

lpg conversions shepparton

LPG converted vehicles have several advantages. Since the gas burns cleaner than other forms of fuel, it keeps the spark plugs and carbon chambers relatively free of carbon deposits. LPG is low polluting, non corrosive, non toxic, free of lead and is abundant in supply. It helps in keeping the environment clean and has less damaging effect on humans and the environment. The cost of LPG is around 55% cheaper than petrol. But LPG systems cannot be installed by anyone. Only licensed centres with prior experience can handle such a job. A good service centre should also readily agree for testing, services, tune-ups and repairs of the system.

Another great option available to owners is dual fuel system in which the original fuel system will remain in the car and the LPG system will be installed as well. In most cases, this increases the kilometre range of the vehicle.  The LPG systems come in two types:  Mixer/Venturi system and Vapour Injection system.

The Mixer/Venturi system is the older system and the cheaper one and is usually fitted to vehicles manufactured before 2001. The Vapour Injection system is the relatively newer technique in which LPG enters the inlet as liquid and it vaporises as soon as it enters. The technique has been available for several years now and has been tried and tested and improved for Australian roads. The service centres providing LPG conversions Shepparton services also provide other auxilliary services to LPG systems at regular intervals.

The power output of engines running on LPG is slightly lower than the power output of the engines running on petrol.  The models running on LPG require around 25% more fuel than other models but even then it is a highly beneficial deal as the cost of LPG is much lower than petrol.  The LPG system generally range from 2000$ to 4500$, depending on several factors like the type of vehicle used, type of system and various other options. Almost all cars with a few exceptions can have LPG system.  Also, the servicing of the LPG vehicle bears no additional cost as compared to servicing the original vehicle. It must also be serviced regularly, no matter what fuel system it runs on.

Extra cost in services is avoided by using LPG systems as it generally reduces wear and tear and increases reliability. This is due to several factors as mentioned below:

·         In colder weather, the vehicles do not require choke styles to warm up.

·         LPG does not wash away the protective lubricant from cylinders walls.

·         It reduces carbon build ups in engine reducing engine wear.

Although the number of licensed service centres providing LPG conversions Shepparton services are many, before you choose which service centre to go wtih, provider reviews and number of years in the field along with experience of the mechanics must be taken into consideration.

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Why You Should Invest in Citroen Cars?

If you are in the market for a brand new car, you should definitely consider looking into the Citroen models. These lines of cars are ideal for anyone looking to drive a car that is both functional and stylish. Citroen is one brand that is known for their innovative and revolutionary engineering solutions coupled with modern designs. Make sure to speak to a Brisbane Citroen dealer so you can find out which models are available for purchase so that you can see for yourself what is all the rage about these cars.

Citroen is a French auto manufacturing brand. They have been around for several decades and yet remain to be at the elite class of automobiles. It combines features and technology to provide a great driving experience. The most popular among their models are those from the C range. These are no doubt coveted by buyers who visit Brisbane Citroen dealers.

For example, the C1 model is a compact car that comes with a modern look and sleek finish. This makes it an exciting car to drive and one that a lot of Brisbane new car dealer stores make a lot of sales on. However, the car is also fuel efficient despite being small. Its engineering technology also ensures environmentally friendly emissions so you can drive while reducing your carbon footprint.

Even used Citroen models still perform like brand new. In fact, when you visit a Brisbane used car dealer and you test drive a Citroen model, you will be surprised how well the engine works, as if it were brand new.

Another notable car model from Citroen is the C3. This is another compact car that packs a lot of power and performance. It also comes packed with safety features while ensuring that the passengers have a comfortable seat. Do not let the impressive look fool you – the powerful engine that is powering this vehicle is what makes it stand out.

Citroen continues to take it up another notch with the C4 model. This one offers the same features as the earlier models although created to be more practical and economical. The good thing about the Citroen C4 model is that it is made to be sports powerful but comes with an eco-friendly engine. Newer models eventually made their way into the market to expand on what the C4 can offer. The C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso both offer precision driving, powerful engine and comfortable interior. Hence, these are modern cars created to fit into your modern lifestyle. Finally, the C5 model provides the same pleasure of driving and elegance that the Citroen brand never fails to deliver.

Would you like to drive your own Citroen car? Visit to find out about the models they have in their showroom. They are noted as one of the top Brisbane Citroen dealers but you can also find a few other models such as Brisbane Prestige, Puegeot, Skoda and Mitsubishi cars. There are brand new or used cars in the showroom so you can find one to suit your budget.

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Guide on How You Can Import a Car into Australia

A lot of Australians are now looking at the option of importing cars into the country. The Australian dollar is on a high and there are very good car importation deals in Japan that people can take advantage of in order to import Japanese car into the country without breaking the bank. But before plunging into the car importation business, it is important to carry out your due diligence. Here is a simple guide on how can import your vehicle from Japan:

Import Japanese car

Carry out your due diligence

Before you import Japanese car, carry out the necessary due diligence and determine the best options for you. A lot of would-be importers generally face lots of frustrations in the process because they fail to research properly. Ensure you are dealing with credible people who are not likely to cheat you out of your hard-earned cash.

Evaluate your import options

Whether you are planning to import Nissan or import Toyota Supra, you need to sit down and carefully evaluate the options which are available in the marketplace. When it comes to importing Nissan Australia procedures, there are plenty of options which you can generally look at. These include the following:

Importing vehicles built before 1 January 1989: You can get older Japanese car imports for vehicles which were made before this date. This is normally done mainly by the car enthusiasts looking for some classics or vintage cars.

Personal Imports: The personal imports apply to the people who are moving to Australia and prefer to bring their vehicles with them into the country. In order to do this, you must have owned that vehicle for at least 12 months and held a driver’s license in the country. To be eligible under this option, you must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident in the country. You will need to provide documentation to prove this situation before you can be issued with a  permit for the importation of the vehicle. Using this procedure, you can import any type of the vehicle into the country although you may need to make minor compliance changes in the vehicle before you proceed with the importation.

Cars exported and re-imported into Australia: Use this option to re-import Japanese car if you had exported it out of Australia.

Cars which are not available in the country: It is possible for an Australian to import Japanese cars which are not officially sold in the country. These will, however, be subjected to approval and must be listed in the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme or the SEVS.

DORTARS will also issue approvals for you to import racing vehicles in case the model of interest has been approved for the race and you meet the participation requirements for the race or rally. It is also important to know all type of licenses that you can use to compete in these races. Looking for assistance with your vehicle importation? Check out in order to save money and get the best service next time you are importing your car into Australia.

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Why Use Duty Trucks?

The trucks are usually classified according to the type of load that they are able to carry, which can sometimes vary in sizes.  Hundreds and thousands of people, who are especially in the city centers, use these trucks for transportation. Many of the trucks are usually sold and others put on sale. Medium duty trucks for sale  are available in different models, each having the capability to effortlessly carry goods. The medium sized trucks are a best fit for carrying loads of medium sizes to smaller loads. Most of these trucks have a high level of durability, are affordable and environment-friendly. The trucks are designed in different models, with all having different capacities to carry loads. The varieties available enable you to tailor them to your preferred specifications. There are other trucks, which have standardized features  such as air suspension driver seats and a driver’s  steering wheel air bag.  Most kinds of the heavy duty trucks have a GPS and blue tooth capability too.

medium duty trucks for sale

Some Types of Duty Trucks

 There are different types of trucks, which range from heavy duty to light weight and semi trucks. The heavy duty trucks are designed to carry heavy loads of  materials, and even include the typical axle tractors, which consist of 18 wheels. Some of these heavy duty trucks can be longer than the other  trucks.

There are also some other types of  duty trucks, which also include the  heavy duty semi trucks. These trucks have an electronic engine and maximize the  use of  power and fuel. Most of these types of tractors can be bought at reasonable rates when they are put on sale. The medium duty trucks for sale offer a wide range of trucks that are used.

Most of them have adaptability features and contain other features such as motorized mirrors, and air side suspensions that ensure that the driver gets to have a more comfortable drive. The used trucks  are also environment friendly and can be purchased according to your preferred budget.  The semi trucks for sale range from all categories that include heavy, medium and light-duty trucks.

Some Features of These Duty Trucks

There are different features attached to the duty trucks. The features vary, according to the type of the truck that is being used.  The trucks are diesel or gas powered.  They are built with a unique fuel and engine transmission technology that tends to offer a smooth operation, have reduced emissions that bring no harm to the environment and increase performance without getting the driver get fatigued.

Some of the engines in the trucks can be equipped with fuel energy of up to 13 liters. Their durability, functionality, and efficiency give them an extra grunt to handle the tough tasks.  Some of the trucks also have semi sections that carry different freights. They may even have two or three axles.  Many of the trucks are usually equipped with movable axles that allow  adjustment of the weight distribution.  The medium duty trucks for sale enable one to purchase trucks, depending on the budget and including those that are affordable and yet of high quality and durability.

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