The Secrets of Taking Your Team Building Programs from Great to Extraordinary

Team building is a common culture across organizations. For some, team building programs enhance group skills, communication and bonding in the organization, while others do so just for the experience of the activities performed. Regardless of the objective, team building activities have a positive impact on an organization’s productivity. This is because they empower employees. However, when team building activities become monotonous, they might end up having a counter effect. So, if you are responsible for planning the program in your office, you need to be creative enough to make sure that your programs don’t bore the participants. By following these tips you’ll be able to execute the most extraordinary team building programs for your organization.

Create a common vision and goals

Teams building activities should not just be a norm or events that have to appear in the company’s calendar. It is important to have a clear vision of the activities. Where do you want to go with the team building activities? What do you want to have achieved from programs ten years to come? Try to find out why the management came up with the idea of team building activities in the first place. Besides that, make sure that you set goals for the upcoming event. It could be that you want it to break tension that is amongst the employees, orient new employees into the group or simply motivate the people. Ensure that everyone understands the goals.

Get support from management

Management plays a key role in “keeping the programs alive.” Ensure that the owners, managers and supervisors in the organization are following up with the needs of employees, and keep emphasizing on how team building can help to meet these needs. The management also plays a major role in ensuring that the learning from team building activities is brought back to the workplace. You may recommend coaching programs so as to sustain the learning.

Take your programs out of the office

Holding team building activities in the office is not only boring, but also distracting and disruptive. In fact, it might end up being another day in the office if all you keep doing is answering phone calls and emails. Avoid such inconveniences by looking for an outdoor space. And, be creative when it comes to choosing your venue. Don’t pick the ordinary parks, where all the employees are likely to have visited. To keep the program spirit high, use a different venue for every program.

Spend time learning the needs of your team

If you want to have extraordinary team building programs, spend time learning what your participants want to get out of the events. What can be incorporated in the program to enhance its effectiveness? You can do this through focus groups, email questionnaires or individual meetings. Evaluate their needs and ideas and make sure that they are integrated in the program. This will make your team building efforts more productive and focused. The amount of time you invest assessing the needs of your team members is directly proportional to the success of the program.

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Five Effective Tips to Sell Your Used Car Fast

So you have decided to let go of your car and get an upgrade. If you aim to sell it to finance a new one, here are a few basic reminders to get a good deal right away. From choosing reliable mobile safety certificate Brisbane stations to finding your buyer online, learn what you need to know here at ProCheck Automotive.

mobile safety certificate Brisbane

mobile safety certificate Brisbane

Guide #1: Find the Right Mobile Vehicle Inspection Brisbane station

Queensland requires any vehicle being put on the market to pass minimum standards inspection. This covers basic parts that guarantee safety when the vehicle is taken on the road. The standards upheld by mobile vehicle inspection Brisbane stations minimise risks of accidents. Not only does this guarantee safe driving experience of the new owner, but also everyone else’s.

Guide #2: Price Tag Reality Check

As much as you would like to write more digits to the price tag, stay realistic to the current condition of the vehicle. Check the mileage, look back at the car’s repair history, and physical condition. Mobile safety certificate Brisbane stations have impressive background on assisting locals. SUVs, motorbikes, and even trucks had been brought for certification. Automotive mechanics can give on the spot estimate on your used vehicle.

Guide #3: Payment Flexibility

Everyone prefers an upfront payment method: I give you the keys, you give me the cash. Depending on the kind of car you will be selling, consider more than one payment option. For instance, college students usually prefer to try out a used car. This helps them train on their driving skills without putting out a lot of cash for a brand new ride. Also, starting families prefer to settle for used mini-vans and with mortgages and other loans, they might need some flexible payment scheme. By giving them options, you can attract serious buyers in getting your vehicle fast. Do not forget to do background checks to guarantee that your buyer can pay honestly and on time.

Guide #4: Test Drive

A test drive disproves doubts of engine problems. Car inspections Brisbane locations test your used vehicle before releasing a certificate proving it to be sellable. Allowing your potential buyer to borrow the keys and drive it with you reassures them of no current engine problems. That is why getting certified is not just added documentation; it is an important key to selling a used car easily.

Guide #5: Got an Ad?

Aside from the piece of paper you stuck at the back of your car, a proper online ad might just help you find the right buyer ASAP. There are car forums that dedicate a section for used car ads. Take a good picture of your vehicle, interior and exterior, and include all important specs that a buyer would want to know. It will be an advantage to claim a safety certificate immediately and include it in your ads; this can entice more buyers.

Talk to a professional to find out more about how you can sell your used car fast. Let expert mechanics from mobile safety certificate Brisbane stations, like ProCheck Automotive, provide honest and accredited mobile safety certificates. They can assist you in preparing your used vehicle for another mate on the road. Visit

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Buying Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles Online Made Easy

Are you planning to buy wheelchair accessible vehicles for a loved one? If you’re frustrated searching for one within your local area, you can look to the internet that provides you with endless options. Indeed, online sellers have made it possible to access items not readily available in your local area, which can be common with these types of vehicles.

However, the promising benefits of this buying method are quickly overshadowed by the difficult task at hand. Buying vehicles online is not the most efficient method because you lack the ability to personally inspect the vehicle. Careful measure and thorough investigation is therefore a must if you want to make the right investment.

wheelchair accessible vehicles

The first step in shopping wheelchair accessible cars for sale online is to do a research on reputable online dealers. Choosing well-reputed sellers and dealers online is your safest bet to ensure quality with your purchase. Established dealers also offer more options with vehicle types, models, and colors amongst others. Do not fall into the bait of internet-based dealers that promise very affordable prices. Low pricing is not always equivalent to value.

You can compile a list of reputable vehicle dealers online by visiting auto forums. Thoroughly read feedback given by readers and make sure to process the information provided to ensure validity. You can also visit authority dealer sites or industry websites to get recommendations from experts. It is always best to create a list of prospected dealers from the most number of sources as possible.

When you have created a shortlist of dealers for wheelchair accessible cars, talk to a mobility consultant. If possible, speak to them over the phone. The only downside when shopping for a vehicle designed for handicapped individuals on the internet is the inability to physically check the vehicle. An online mobility consultant will provide you with the knowledge and the pointers you need when shopping for the right vehicle.

A consultant will also show you what to look for and provide you with a list of questions to ask your dealer. Your needs will vary according to the individual needs of the wheelchair user, as well as the type of wheelchair used. Other factors such as preferred seating arrangement, model of the vehicle, and budget can come into play as well.

A mobility consultant will create a personal profile for the intended user of wheelchair accessible vehicles. You can therefore use that information to give your dealer details about the proper modification style you need. Hence, you can reduce the risk associated with your purchase and ensure that the vehicle purchased can perform its job.

Buying wheelchair accessible vehicles online offers a set of pro’s and con’s. But if you can find a seller that you can trust – rest assured that you do not only get good value for your money, but also a vehicle designed to make transportation easier for individuals on wheelchairs. At Brotherwood, you can expect a combination of these two.

The company initially started way back in 1985 and continues to provide ease of mobility for handicapped individuals with their great selection of wheelchair accessible vans, cars, and other types of vehicles. If you would like to see their selection of vehicles, you can browse their official website at

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The Best Service for Audi Comes from Euroserve

Many car owners agree that Audi and Volkswagen are some of the most modern, yet complex vehicles. This is because their internal operations are computerized. This makes it difficult for most auto service dealers to offer appropriate services on these cars. To get the best Audi service Sydney can provide, look no further than Euroserve. This company is a renowned auto service provider, using quality equipment and having excellent customer service.

audi service sydney

Based on their structure, Audi or VW cars require computerized upgrades and programming to solve problems and keep working systems intact. Most shops for car services do not have the right equipment for specialized services. It is only at Euroserve that owners can get the best Audi service Sydney offers. This is because they use certified coding and programming instruments from original manufacturers of the vehicles.

It is important to know that whenever you take your car for service, you should get a factory-level service to avoid failures and frequent wearing of parts. You can only achieve this if your service provider uses the best diagnostic instruments and installs the best parts for your vehicle. This is exactly what you can get from Euroserve.

With a direct relationship with the manufacturers, professionals at Euroserve ensure that they accurately find the underlying cause of your car problem by using the best diagnostic tools. Aside from that, they install genuine parts for your car – not the fake ones, which are common in the market.

If you are looking for the best Audi service Sydney can offer, then Euroserve should be your first stop. With superior diagnostic tools and quality parts, professional auto mechanics ensure that they are using the right coding and adaptation instruments for all electronic component replacements, battery replacement, and other services that require programming and coding.

To remain the best center for Audi service in Sydney, the company only employs skilled auto technicians to carry out their services. Thus, taking your car for service at Euroserve is a guarantee that you will get only the best service. Furthermore, not only does Euroserve specialize in Audi service, but also covers modern versions of BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen.

For the best BMW service Sydney, Euroserve remains to be the leading provider. The secret behind that excellence lies on the use of genuine parts and quality service by professionals. As fake parts continue to inflitrate the market, car owners need to be careful. While these parts might look genuine and less expensive, these often lead to several auto failures and problems that are quite costly in the end.

Thus, factory-trained technicians from Euroserve provide clients with the best service they can provide. In addition to genuine parts and quality diagnostic instruments, they also offer appropriate advice – concerning many aspects of car service and maintenance, which the owner finds beneficial in the end.

Clients looking for a certified center for Mercedes repairs Sydney can count on the best service from Euroserve. Owning a modern car and maintaining it are two different things. To ensure a dependable service from your Audi or VW for quite a while, consider taking it to Euroserve for quality service.

For more information, visit us at

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Cycle to work? Are you kidding me? It’s not like am trying to lose weight and am certainly not ready to tear my ligaments. – That is probably what you are thinking right now. I mean, who would want to take a 30-minute bike ride to work every day in the morning with all the perspiration and the tiredness? Well, contrary to popular belief, you can actually cycle your way to work every single day without any exhaustion, thanks to the remarkable revolution of electric bicycles Brisbane dealers are selling.

electric bicycles Brisbane

electric bicycles Brisbane

 What is an electric bicycle?

An electric bicycle, otherwise known as an e-Bike, can be simply described as a bicycle powered by electricity current from a motor that uses rechargeable batteries, accelerating automatically and running at up to 30MPH. These dazzling technologically-advanced products have transformed bike lanes, changing the old perception of bicycle enthusiasts as they can effortlessly cover long distances with little energy used in a short period of time.

Electric assist bicycle Perth shops are getting more and more interested clients as people embrace e-Bikes, discovering it to be a more efficient mode of transportation. If you are still not convinced or you find it hard to break from the car culture, here are very good reasons why cycling to work using an electric bike are not a bad idea at all:

1.   They are fast.

Since they are powered by batteries, it is needless to say that e-Bikes are faster than conventional bikes. As mentioned earlier, they run up to 30MPH, making them faster than personal automobiles and commuter vehicles in scenarios such as heavy traffic jams, bad weather conditions, or damaged roadways. Electric bicycles save you a lot of time as you can easily maneuver through traffic and narrow pathways. No more getting stuck in traffic.

2.   They are cheap and easy to maintain.

When you shop around electric bicycles Brisbane stores, you can be easily discouraged by the price of these bikes as they are certainly more expensive than traditional bicycles. Nothing can be further from the truth. However, e-Bikes save you fuel costs, fares, and a lot of energy. Their maintenance can be done at any bicycle repair shop and in the long term, you gain much more than what you initially paid for. Remember, energy saved is money earned!

3.   They require no parking fees and little storage space.

Finding a parking space, let alone paying for it, is one of the biggest frustrations for any driver. Usually, you would circle around the parking lot and hope that someone would pull out so you could park or in most cases, you are forced to park a few blocks from your place of work. With a bicycle, you don’t have to go through these frustrations ever again. Bikes can be stored anywhere as they require very little space. Moreover, you won’t pay a penny! Talk to an electric assist bicycle Brisbane dealer today and get one for yourself!

As you can see, getting to work is now made easier. Daily commuters have multiple reasons to smile, thanks to this wonderful innovation. Don’t get left behind, visit an electric bicycles Brisbane provider today and pick out the right e-Bike for your needs. Visit

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What to Look for When Planning to Buy a Used Mitsubishi Lancer

The Mitsubishi Lancer is a sporty and compact car and is one of the most popular of the Mitsubishi car models. It is a car with a great reputation for performance and reliability. Many Mitsubishi Brisbane fans will be familiar with its sister car – the Lancer Evolution used widely in the rallies.

Mitsubishi Brisbane

Mitsubishi Brisbane

The Lineup of the Used Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane Models

If you are planning to invest in the Mitsubishi Lancer, there is a great lineup of vehicles that you can choose from. There is the 2008 Lancer which was available only as a front-wheel drive sedan.  This was a car for the budget minded and was offered in various trim levels including the sporty GTS, DE and the mid-line ES trim levels.

In 2010, Mitsubishi unveiled the hatchback or the Sportback model. Then there is the 291-hp Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution that is widely used in the rallies although you are unlikely to find these easily in the used car market. A more affordable high-performance Lancer is Ralliart which is a 237-hp. This too, is generally rare and a bit more expensive.

The Mechanical Aspects

In the 2008-2013 Mitsubishi Brisbane Lancer cars, the base engine is the MIVEC 4-Cylinder engine. This is a 2L engine which is rated 152hp although this was later changed to 148hp. In the year 2009, Mitsubishi added an even stronger 168hp and 2.4L motor. There are various transmission choices including the 5-speed transmission and even the choice of a continuously variable transmission or CVT.

The Fuel Economy of the Vehicle

The Mitsubishi Lancer has a very good fuel economy. This is especially so in the 2009 model whose CVT is rated 22/28 mpg. This is a good fuel economy but still below its class peers such as the 2009 Honda Civic which has a 25/35 mpg. This may be due to the fact that the Lancer is slightly heavier.

The Interior of the Vehicle

The interior of the Mitsubishi Lancer is roomier but the exterior is even more exciting. It has a dash styling and looks very clean. There are sporty gages, supportive front seats, as well as relatively good steering. The car has very good visibility even though its front pillars may feel a little thick. It has an average front seat space and the trunk of the vehicle is more spacious. The rear seatbacks of the vehicle can fold down.

Handling of the vehicle

This is a sporty and heavier vehicle and is thus capable of holding the road really well. It has strong motor for reliable daily driving although it can be a little noisy when you bare accelerating. If you are taking off from a start, the vehicle may also feel a little of sluggish. This is partially due to the automatic transmission of the vehicle that is due to the CVT.

There are many advantages of investing in the Mitsubishi Brisbane Lancer models. They have great styling, sporty handling design and supportive front seats. Additionally, the vehicles are available as hatchbacks . The main cons of the vehicle include the poor mileage, CVT acceleration as well smaller rear headroom. The paint quality is also not as flawless and elegant. You can find the Mitsubishi Lancer models at used car dealers Brisbane services.

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Find the Latest Skoda Models in Brisbane

When making the decision to buy a car you want a brand that has stood the test of time. A brand with pedigree in the motoring world will give you peace of mind with the assurance of experience that comes with age. Skoda is one of the few carmakers that has enjoyed an unbroken history since its inception in 1895. Whether you are going for a brand new or used car, the expectation is the delivery of performance quality built and innovativeness.To appreciate the offering from Skoda, it would be nice to step into a Skoda dealership and get to personally see, as well as experience this automotive revelation.   With a wide variety of cars on offer, Skoda is able to comfortably serve an ever growing customer base.Skoda has made good efforts at establishing close links with Skoda Dealerships to provide quality after vehicles sales support ensuring that even used Skoda cars are of top quality.


The Skoda Fabia was introduced as a super-mini car though. It has evolved and now offers sedan and estate versions.  This model combines luxury, performance and economy giving you value for money. By delivering excellent fuel consumption in the city and on cruise mode, it is gentle to the environment and also your pockets. There is a variety of engines to choose from offering both diesel and petrol versions which come in sizes ranging for 1.2 litre to 1.9 litre capacity. The Skoda Fabia also offers 5 and 6-speed manual transmission as well as 6 speed and 7 speed DSG transmission.

Moreover, Skoda Octavia is a contender for the best family car. When you think of family, the first thing that comes to mind is the safety of the occupants and the space accorded by the vehicle. This car has performed well in safety tests scoring 5 stars out of a possible 5 stars in the ANCAPP safety tests.

Having kids around means you carry around more luggage and this fits very well into the Skoda Octavia’s improved luggage space. With a cleaner and more fuel efficient engine, the Skoda Octavia is very friendly to the environment and which also means that it does not necessarily pollute the environment with its powerful engine range. The range of offering for the Skoda Octavia series comprises of the Octavia and the Octavia RS Wagon.

Two words that you would not expect to hear in the same statement are SUV and Green. Well, that is not the case, when the Skoda Yeti is under consideration. This compact SUV offers good performance and great power combined with great fuel economy not normally associated with SUVs. With options ranging from the 1.2 – 2.0 litre engines, you are able to choose what engine size best serves your interest either in diesel or petrol versions. For the moderate out of city driver, the 2 wheel driver offers a good combination of power and luxury at a fair price, while the extreme outdoor driver will find a companion in the 4 wheel drive version of the Yeti without having to compromise on quality of ride. With a Brisbane Skoda dealership, you are not only assured of top of the range Skoda models, but also great financing, insurance and servicing options.

For more details, visit

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BMW Spray Painting in Melbourne

Owning a great ride such as a BMW or Audi can give you the ultimate freedom, sense of individualism and also independence. However, for the car to serve its purpose, it must also be in excellent condition at all times. These can range from its performance condition to its aesthetic condition. Your car might be performing well, but does it look really good? One of the best ways to give your car a great look is by investing in a professional paint job by a BMW Spray Paint Center.

Bmw performance melbourne

Bmw performance melbourne

Spray Painting is Not Your Average DIY Task for the Weekend

We all love to tinker with various DIY jobs, but one that you should leave to professionals is giving your vehicle a new coating. A good BMW spray paint center will have an array of coatings along with the cutting-edge equipment that will help them match your vehicle’s original look.

A professional BMW service centre in Melbourne will have a tradition of excellence when it comes to the spray painting of the vehicles. Because of their standing, they will for example , have the broadest spectrum of both advanced and conventional products along with useful technical expertise so they can deliver professionalism and excellence with every spray painting project.

Top quality paint products for the vehicle market generally have very accurate recipes which have been formulated with cutting-edge technology. They are easy to use and come with multiple formulations which will suit even the most exacting demands of any customer. The best vehicle coatings are generally specially engineered to offer the best protection. Professional BMW spray paint centers will coat your vehicles with products that have incredible durability along with a  long-lasting gloss that will keep your car looking good for a very long period of time.

The vehicles that pass through a reputable BMW spray paint center will have very good resistance to scratching. They can be put through the harshest of terrains or in the most extreme of weather conditions without worrying about the degradation in the quality of the coating. An ultra-smooth finish with acryline-based products, for example, will assure you of good resistance to petrol, mild chemical spills, along with an ultra-smooth finish that is not just good-looking but also collects less dirt. So your car is unlikely to get dirty easily even if you pass through the dustiest of terrains.

Another key quality of the best paints in the market is that they are formulated with UV absorbers. If you car is painted with very bright colors, these will protect them from fading due to extended exposure to bright sunlight. Acryline-based paints used on your BMW vehicles will also very good flow as well as the easy spraying ability.

If you are taking your vehicle to a BMW spray paint center, you need to inquire about the type of paints which they are using and then check to verify if these are approved by the manufacturer. Some might be using poor quality coatings and finishing in order to save on costs. You can also read the BMW service center reviews or Audi service center review in order to determine which of the body shops in Melbourne can guarantee you an excellent service. Check at Active Motorwerke for more details.

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Features to Look for In the Latest Mitsubishi Car Models

It is not everyday that one will walk into a car dealer’s shop to come out with a new car in the same way that people often do with popcorn, fruit juice orcrisps from the supermarket. It takes time, not to mention sacrifice, to save up for a new car. So when intending to buy a vehicle, an individual must have a lot of considerations in mind. Given that technology is at its peak currently, each person would definitely wish to own something that is technologically advanced. When checking a car dealer’s shop, take a look at the latest Mitsubishi new cars on offer.Mitsubishi new cars

Numerous cars hit the asphalt each season, but not all of them tick properly. When shopping for an automobile, one should take plenty of time to study the desirable features a vehicle should have to qualify as “the best drive” around town. Among the latest Mitsubishi new cars is the Mitsubishi Mirage, which has raised a lot of eyebrows. It is fuel efficient, wallet-friendly and looks great. For someone keen on impressing, this is one ride to go for. It would do well when taking people out on a dinner date. At the parking yard, many people would surely take a second look at your latest ride.

It is not uncommon to hear people talk about color having no impact on a car. Well, for those keen on giving a good impression, color counts so long as one knows which hues suit what occasions. The Mitsubishi Mirage comes in an array of colors for everyone’s enjoyment. For people who love white, there are plenty of Mitsubishi new cars that are white and even cream for those who do not like the overly bright, screaming white.

A motorist spends most of their time inside the car and must therefore consider a Mitsubishi with a great interior. The seats must offer plenty of comfort and be stylish. The spacing counts too, as no one wishes to come out of a car feeling squished. The Mitsubishi Islander has plenty of space and has the latest technology incorporated into its steering. Pop into any Mitsubishi Toowoomba car dealer’s shop for the latest range of Mitsubishi rides.

People love luxury although they are wont to admit it. Mitsubishi models that offer luxury include the Mirage, Outlander, Lancer and i-MIEV. The best thing about them is their fuel economy. One can choose petrol or diesel engines. And as vehicle manufacturers explore other fuel options, who knows? Soon there may be solar-powered models to save vehicle owners lots of cash. A car enthusiast can take a look at the wide range of cars from car dealers Toowoomba outlets.

Everyone desires to own a car that is dependable. For motorists who travel over long distances all day long, a car that will go the full and even extra mile without exhibiting any problems is an obvious choice. Mitsubishi comes in a wide range of models for car enthusiasts to choose from. Visit any Mitsubishicar dealer today for the latest arrays of sports and luxury cars.

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Why VW Hatchbacks are Such Excellent Cars

There are so many reasons why we love the VW hatchbacks. The sedans are quite popular too, but the hatchbacks seem to be the modern vehicles that everyone wants to drive around. They offer users plenty of practical benefits apart from their aesthetic qualities such as the styling. The most obvious practical advantage of the hatchback is the extra cargo space which makes them a suitable choice for the families that want to carry things around such as picnic items or shopping. With the VW quality, you also have the extra reliability of the vehicles. You can look forward to top-notch VW service Brisbane has that is serviced by factory-trained technicians delivering an impeccable service.

People drive the VW hatchbacks for a number of reasons. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • They are bright and unique: The VW hatchbacks take bold styling to a whole new level. You will not have to grapple with some bland neutral colors for your vehicle. Instead, you get an opportunity to fully express yourself and your taste through varied color choices. One of the reasons why many people are running away from the sedans is that there is a general lack of the color options. You either have to choose such bland and non-expressive colors such as silver, black, white and gray.
  • There is little room for individual expression when it comes to choice of these vehicles. The situation changes radically when it comes to the hatchbacks. With the newer hatchback models such as the Volkswagen Golf, buyers are able to choose from a very exciting array of colors. You do not even have to worry about losing your preferred color choice in case of the vehicle collisions. VW service Brisbane repairs generally offer top notch smash repairs by factory trained technicians using genuine parts and manufacturer technology in order to restore your vehicle to the factory condition.
  • The hatchbacks are more spacious compared to the sedans. This is another of the main reasons why many buyers might prefer the newer VW hatchbacks over the VW sedans. The hatchbacks have been built for practicality and that means that you have more spaces than you actually need. From a quick peek, the sedan might look more spacious but nothing could be further from the truth. When you try to pack both a sedan and a hatchback, you will realize just how much spaces the hatchback has over the sedans. You can easily lower the rear seats of the hatchback and you will, almost magically, create lots of spaces that you can work with.
  • It is an urban vehicle: The VW hatchbacks, like many other hatchbacks, are now known as the vehicle for the city slickers. They offer plenty of spaces as well as versatility and you can comfortably use these to run your errands out and about in the city. Additionally, they are very low maintenance vehicles with great fuel efficiency. You won’t worry about spending too much time and money at a VW service Brisbane has thanks to their reliability.
  • Easy to sell: Because people love the hatchbacks so much, you will be able to sell them relatively quickly and also get very good resale value for your vehicle

The hatchbacks simply offer buyers a perfect combination that is simply irresistible. There is cozy space, comfortable seats, good handling and control, and excellent safety measures. You can also customize them with tons of very exciting features.

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